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Why Do Small Businesses Need Digital Solutions?

  • A report by Small Business Trends found that businesses with an online presence reported an average increase in sales of 23%
  • According to a survey by a website builder, 59% of small business owners believe that having a website is crucial for their success.
  • A recent study showed that small businesses that use digital solutions have a wider reach, with over 80% of consumers searching for products and services online.
  • According to a report by Microsoft, small businesses that use cloud-based digital solutions can increase productivity by up to 36%.

Partnering with WorkerMan allows small and medium-sized businesses to focus on their core activities rather than worrying about managing separate systems. This help businesses save time, money, and resources and streamline operations for scaling up.


Custom Solutions

We specialize in delivering personalized support and tailored solutions designed to meet your small business's unique requirements.


Global Accessibility

No matter where you're located, we've got you covered. Our small business digital support is available globally.


Data Focused

We take a holistic approach to decision-making, using a combination of data insights, industry insights, and hands-on experience.

Marketing Automation For Your Small Business

With the rapid advancement of technology and intense competition, utilizing software algorithms for marketing has become crucial. Imagine being able to showcase your products and services to a potential customer exactly when they need it the most.


Email Marketing Automation

We will fully design your website and carry out the technical set up for you. We will never just give you templates and tell you to design and set up your website yourself.


Social Media Automation

We help you highlight your brand’s social media presence so that it can continue to interact and grow its audience without requiring manual effort.


Automated Ad Campaigns

These Ad campaigns use data and algorithms to determine the best audience for an ad, the optimal placement for the ad, and the best times to show the ad to maximize its impact.


Re-targeted Ad Automation

We use technology that targets customers who have previously visited a website and displayed interest in a product or service. This maximizes the impact of Ads and promotions.


CRM Automation

With our CRM services, your business can become more efficient in managing customer relationships, improvising customer experiences, and making informed decisions to drive growth.

Lead Management Automation

We streamline and automate the management of your leads and also ensure that they are nurtured over time, resulting in higher conversions and improved sales productivity.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an essential tool for SMEs, as it automates repetitive marketing tasks and processes and allows businesses to deliver their services at scale and across multiple channels. Marketing Automation can bring several benefits to a business, including:

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: We offer a range of best-fit tools and strategies to increase productivity, reduce cost, and improve the quality of products and services.
  • Better Target Audience Engagement: We help you identify the target audience and create marketing campaigns and strategies that are tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • Increased conversion Rates: We attract prospects, nurture leads, and increase conversion rates so that businesses generate more revenue and grow their customer base.
  • Better Data Insights: By collecting and analyzing meaningful data, we help businesses gain valuable insights to make strategic decisions and optimize their workflow.
  • Improved ROI: We help businesses target the right audience, reduce resource wastage and improve ROI so that they can reinvest in growth, streamline operations, and expand their business.
  • More Effective Campaign Management: With the right tools and strategies, we help businesses track the performance of marketing campaigns, make better decisions, and achieve faster results.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: We improve the quality of products and services, offer custom solutions, and take a targeted approach to help businesses increase their customer base.
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We support all types - startups, small and medium, as well as enterprise-level businesses. Any business looking for growth, visibility, and higher brand value, can collaborate with us for visible results.

We take full responsibility for designing and maintaining your site. Here, we create your website and customize each tool just the way it aligns with the nature of your business. Right from the design to operation to management, everything you can customize the way you want it.

With us, you get industry-specific tools, personalized growth strategies, and market analysis reports to fetch information about the latest marketing trends, consumer demands, and business needs.