Build Excellent Customer Relationships

As a leading CRM Service Provider, we are committed to fostering meaningful relationships between your organization and individuals, including potential customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers. Our best CRM systems provide comprehensive custom business solutions in one module. We provide:

  • Centralized Customer Database
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Personalization Features
  • Business process automation
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Collaboration and Team Communication

Benefits Of Integrating WorkerMan CRM

Our customer relationship management services offer you a range of tools and features that manage customer interactions, sales, and marketing activities in one centralized location. When integrated with your business, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and achieving business goals.


Lead Retention

From the initial engagement to the point of sale, our lead retention process ensures that no marketing lead is lost, ignored, or discarded.


Quick Time To Value

Our all-in-one CRM solutions offer a better design in workflow and easy implementation of functionalities, leading to higher ROI.


Seamless Seamless Communication Between Team Members

Our centralized CRM services ensure that every client information is automatically fed to the system from web activities, emails, social media, etc., making client reach outs easy and seamless.


Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Our CRM successfully retrieves accurate data and analytics about the clients and thus helps in organizing customer-targeted marketing campaigns.


Maximize Productivity with WorkerMan CRM For Business

Every business, small or medium, depends on leads. You should have a successful lead management system to convert leads to loyal customers. WorkerMan CRM administers its client interactions and retrieves valuable information that helps you know your customers better.

  • Sales Planning
  • Automated Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Lead Management
  • Task Management and Reminder
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Access
  • Integration with Other Tools

Unify Customer Experience Across Channels

A CRM for business is just like an omnichannel customer service strategy that allows your customers to have multiple ways to interact with your business, like emails, social media, chatbots, and over-calls. We enable businesses to track customer interactions better and offer customized service, improving overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


CRM Business Process Automation

Digitize business operations with cloud based CRM support services. Boost sales and customer service by automating routine tasks, and enhance customer relationship management through CRM platform utilization.


CRM Mobile App System

Create personalized mobile CRM applications for businesses that enable users to compose and check emails, review updates on their accounts, join video conference calls, and analyze performance through dashboards and reports.


Cloud-Based CRM Services

Our cloud based CRM services offer seamless installation of cloud CRM systems, ensuring that vital client information is accessible 24/7 from all locations. This guarantees constant connectivity with your customers and provides timely and effective support.

Streamline Workflow With Supercharged CRM Features

With a supercharged CRM system, businesses can gain a competitive edge in their industry and stay ahead of the curve. It manages customer interactions more effectively and provides valuable insights regarding customer behavior and preferences.


Website Management

We help you manage your website directly from the dashboard with the freedom to explore various design templates, edit business information, update website content, and perform other tasks. Take full control of your website and customize it to your liking without any technical knowledge.


Lead Enquiry and Management

Our targeted lead management system enables capturing, tracking, qualifying, distributing, and nurturing of clients. This helps businesses to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and earn higher revenue.


Sales Management

We are dedicated to simplifying your business by combining lead management, sales, and support into one platform. Our all-in-one CRM services use custom rules to segment your contacts dynamically, allowing for personalized marketing outreach and more effective customer engagement.


Managing Quotations

We provide a personalized approach that offers tailored pricing for businesses and clients when companies are not able to offer standard pricing for their goods and services due to variations in time, skill, and resources.


Email Marketing and Newsletters

We provide a comprehensive set of email marketing features, including newsletters, analytics, and more. Our platform also tracks the performance of your email campaigns and sends daily updates to keep you informed. CRM for Service Industry


Personalized Customer Database

Our Integrated platforms connect sales, service, marketing and also offer CRM customer services for business that fuel productivity and rapid growth. A unified platform especially boosts workflow, reduces errors, and enhances collaboration between clients and businesses.

WorkerMan customer relationship management offers all the industry-specific tools and features to make your business flexible and outreaching. Workflow automation, customization, 3rd party integration, and a 360-degree comprehensive view of customers.

Of course. Being one of the leading CRM service providers, WorkerMan offers security features that are great for both small and large businesses. Whether it is customer data protection or safe networking, we offer you ease of installation, low risk of data loss, mitigating advanced threats, and many more.

WorkerMan CRM for service industry offers various reporting tools for you to reap benefits. A few of them are namely dashboards, sales forecasting, pipeline management, marketing automation reports, and customer support reports.

WorkeraMan offers the best CRM Services so that you can focus on core competencies while we take care of all your business processes
  • A Unified Platform - Helps you to centralize and consolidate consumer data.
  • Multiple Communication Channels - Helps to respond to customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently.
  • Sales Automation - Helps to automate many of the manual tasks and save your time.
  • Reporting Tools - Provides detailed analytics about sales and marketing performance.
  • Better Customer Service - Provides a centralized system for tracking customer inquiries and generating support tickets.

Simplify, Automate & Manage Your Business

With WorkerMan CRM