General Questions

WorkerMan’s all-in-one solution provides a vast array of services that mainly includes Website building and web hosting, the complete CRM suite, marketing and promotion and full client support around the clock.

Building Trust is the foundation for any business to grow. Our team members work diligently for providing you the best quality services at affordable prices. Our mission is to reach your business goals in the shortest possible time.

We support Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly payment options. As you visit the checkout page, you will have to choose any one of these 4 payment options to subscribe to the plan.

WorkerMan supports all International Standards of Payment. You can pay us via Debit/ Credit cards, Paypal, and Stripe.

Every business is unique, and thus so are their business goals, priorities and requirements. At WorkerMan we tailor-made your website and customize each tool just the way it aligns with the nature of your business. Right from design to operation to management, everything you can customize the way you want it.

Every month WorkerMan would provide you a market analysis report, that will show where your business stands among your peers or competitors in the market. Our unique growth strategies and dedicated promotional channels always ensure that you always remain at the top of the game.

For WorkerMan physical boundary is no barrier. Wherever in the world you are from, if you aspire to grow your business, WorkerMan is there to help you achieve the best.

Yes, When you collaborate with WorkerMan, you are aided with business growth strategies and the industry-specific tools to achieve business goals faster. In no way, WorkerMan claims or holds any ownership of your business. Once you subscribe to our business plan, all you need to do is - relax and reap benefits.

With WorkerMan you have full flexibility with your website. If you don’t feel satisfied with WorkerMan, you can move to another solution provider in that case.

Yes, ofcourse. We are committed to rank your website on the result pages of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Blazing fast network and 99.99% uptime is our commitment to you. With WorkerMan you will always have a secured and ultra reliable server to speed up your task and deliver a high quality performance.

When it comes to website maintenance WorkerMan leaves no stone unturned. Our website management includes - Automated data back ups Optimizing and timely update of website content Regular updates of applications and softwares Product update/re-designing Website speed test Improving browser compatibility Updating links on website Maintaining website responsiveness Procuring in-depth analysis of visitor’s traffic and website performance For more information, connect to us at

In case of minor website customization or designing changes, there is no need to pay additional charges. However, if you wish to completely redesign your website at an urgent demand, you might have to pay additional charges for changes. If you have any suggestion that can also be taken into account as per feasibility. To have better clarity about your situation, feel free to call us or email us at

We have 3 categories of business solution plans - Starter, Enterprise and Professional.

All of our clients’ data are stored in our central data warehouse. And the data is stored as long as you remain an active member in WorkerMan’s community. Once you cut ties with us, your data is dissolved.

Yes, no matter where you are located in the world, WorkerMan can provide you everything in your local language. However the language has to be one of the 133 languages supported by Google.

WorkerMan builds all kinds of websites, suiting your nature of work and business. Following are just a few to name - Small business, Startups, Ecommerce, Blog/News, Forum, Event, Business Listings, etc.

There are ample things that need to be considered while building a brand from scratch. The following are just a few to name- User-Friendly and Attractive Online Presence Audience-targeted solutions Industry-specific tools Operational efficiency Engaging Marketing Campaigns A strategist business administration Using data-driven suggestions

“DIY” means Do It Yourself, when we say “Not DIY Services” we mean that we will not be burdening you with anything regarding your business. We don't handover templates to clients and ask them to complete it themselves. Every bit of the brand building - from designing to operating to managing and updating, is taken care of by the WorkerMan team.

Well, the count is not fixed, it varies with clients’ needs. Different industries have different priorities and thus they need different applications. As per your paid plan, whichever feature you might have opted for your business, you will get all the necessary applications that fulfills your purpose.

Yes, you can integrate third party applications and plug-ins in your business. However, WorkerMan will provide every single software or tool that you might require in your business.

When we release a new application, It will be readily available to you in case you satisfy the following 2 conditions: If you had already purchased a plan that includes the category of the application If that particular application relates to your field of business

Of Course, WorkerMan aims at bringing an easy to use solution for your business that fulfills all the needs of a non-technical person.

Yes, if you wish to build multiple websites for the same brand, WorkerMan will do it for you but there would be some additional charges required depending upon the type of website you want WorkerMan to build.

No, there is no limit. You can operate any number of brands under your name but if you want services for each brand, you will have to subscribe to different plans separately for each brand. Remember one plan will serve one brand.

Yes, to avail all features of the business solution plan you purchase, you have to make a single time payment of the amount. However, if you wish to completely redo or re-design your website then you might have to pay extra charges for the changes. The charges are negotiable.

WorkerMan supports all international standards of payments but in case your location (country) supports a local payment gateway, we can integrate that as well for your convenience and seamless payment activities.

Yes, If you are not satisfied with our work in 30-days of time then WorkerMan would refund your full amount within 7 business days. It shall reflect in your account within 7-10 days if the bank does not delay in processing the amount.

Yes, we make sure that your digital business is 100% responsive for all kinds of technology devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

WorkerMan puts its best of efforts to highlight the competitive advantage of your business. We provide social media postings, email marketing, online and offline promotional campaigns, newsletters, mobile marketing, paid advertisements (PPC), webinars, SEO optimized strategies and many more.

No, not at all. Even if your company starts growing, WorkerMan will stick to the plan that you have subscribed to. Your WorkerMan services will get discontinued only after your plan ends.

WorkerMan is keenly interested to incorporate every possible way that would market your brand and increase your brand value. We create hybrid promotional campaigns that include both online and offline ways of marketing your business.

Even if the team of WorkerMan is physically distant, it has ample resources to operate, optimize and manage your business in every way possible. It effortlessly manages your contacts, nurtures your leads and converts them into loyal customers. Following ways are adopted to manage clients: Regular follow-ups Social Media Engagement Request feedback Emails and Newsletters Video Conferencing (if possible) Personalized text messages Live Chat

We provide complete support solutions to our clients that includes: technical support, general query support and business support. Yes, our customer helpdesk support is available 24*7 to assist our clients.

Yes, Demo service is available for our interested clients. The free-demo gives you an overview of the services that we offer and also shows you the scope for your business to prosper.

Yes, WorkerMan supports startups too. We are the backbone for startups, small-scale as well as medium scale industries.

Even if you are a solopreneur, WorkerMan can offer the full business solution suite to you. WorkerMan will ensure that the plan you choose, meets all your business requirements.

No, WorkerMan would never claim any share of profit that is earned by your company.

The minimum amount to get a business solution plan started with WorkerMan is $49/month.

At WorkerMan you get unlimited storage space for your business. If your business requires it in the future, we can also upgrade your storage for free.

Yes, you can integrate the applications of WorkerMan into an existing directory system. If you wish, you can sync all your data and contacts with the applications of WorkerMan.

If you use G-suite for your business then you can continue to do so, even if you collaborate with WorkerMan. WorkerMan works independently and does not depend on any application suite that you have been using previously.
Marketing Promotion

There are many marketing strategies that can make your brand a success. A few important are as follows: Engaging Social Media posts Following trending topics Producing video tutorials Sharing product recommendations Working on customer feedbacks Developing marketing analysis report

In 6 months, you can transform your business into a personal brand. WorkerMan empowers your business to stand out in the crowd. You get a seamless workflow, higher productivity, shared contacts, potential prospects, more leads turned into loyal customers, better recognition, higher sales and many more.

WorkerMan implements a lot of innovative growth strategies that are apt for your business to achieve its goals faster. Let us walk you through a few lead generating strategies that we follow - Map your ideal buyer profile (persona) for your product/service Manage content and determine channels that can highlight your brand name, Tap into clients’ intent and draw conclusions based on those Establish a smooth collaboration between marketing and sales Analyze and measure the growth of quality leads and nurture them for the long run.

At WorkerMan we are dedicated to share meaningful infographics, engaging videos, build a community, provide optimized content to add value to your business, post on trending and relative topics and many more on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Yes, WorkerMan offers all 3 for business marketing and sales. SEO: Search Engine Optimization PPC: Pay-Per-Click SMM: Social Media Marketing

Yes, a marketing system is important for any business since it makes users aware of your products and services and also shares the competitive advantage for your business. Such a system engages and also encourages the audience to understand your brand value. It is a way to build and develop your brand reputation among users.

These are the Email IDs that you can use for your business communications. It is the primary way to remain connected to your business associates, partners, customers and even vendors outside the enterprise. WorkerMan offers you an unlimited number of email accounts under your registered domain name for all your departments and company associates. A business email can - Be the main operator of business and ecommerce services. Help in seamless private communication within the business network Increases efficiency and productivity of the enterprise Be useful for social media interactions and engagement Make you look more professional and business-ready

WorkerMan proactively works to market and promote the products and services of your business. We highlight - The competitive advantage of your product Share your brand vision and promote your brand value The uniqueness of your product and services Optimize your website to attract more leads and traffic Paid advertisements (PPC) and SERP rankings Spread your outreach to global contacts and nurture your leads Increase social media engagement and also the face-value of the company Implement business growth strategies based on customer feedbacks Creates both online and offline promotional campaigns and webinars

WorkerMan will share a weekly detailed analysis of your enterprise progress with you. It would involve the goals that are weekly achieved and the areas that still demand attention and need further improvements.
Affiliate Marketing

To access the Affiliate Program of WorkerMan, you need to create an account by signing up for the program at Once our team verifies your details and approves for the same, you gain access to your account.

No, Signing up for the Affiliate program is free-of-cost.

The Affiliate Program encourages B2B marketing and promotion. When you refer the WorkerMan’s Affiliate link to a business, marketer or a wholesaler, you earn referral bonus when they collaborate with WorkerMan/subscribe to WorkerMan.

There is no bar to join the Affiliate Program. Anyone who signs up for the program and creates an account with WorkerMan is an eligible affiliate referral.

If you have signed up for the program, you can share the Affiliate Link with business groups, retailers and wholesalers of your own country as well foreign countries.

You can share the Affiliate Link on all kinds of media platforms and networking groups, be it through social media accounts, emails, or instant messaging.

The amount for your referral bonus will be shared by WorkerMan, once you create your account. You will receive a referral bonus amount when the business subscribes/ collaborates with WorkerMan with whom you have shared the Affiliate Link with. You will continue to receive the amount on periodic intervals till the referred business continues its subscription with WorkerMan.

If a referred business/marketer is not taking action, you can take follow ups and track the progress in your portal. You will be notified through mail and instant messages, as soon as any of your referred connections shows progress.

Yes, certainly. You can track the status of your referrals through your account portal. Any activity of your referred connection will be instantly shared with you. Moreover, you can also take timely follow ups and send reminder notifications to the businesses if you like.

In case you don’t receive your referral bonus on-time, you can reach out to our customer support helpdesk to raise a ticket for your complaint. Your complaint will get resolved within 48 hours.