What is a VoIP Number & How Does It Work?

What is a VoIP Number & How Does It Work?

Understanding a VoIP number meaning is vital for corporate agencies and individuals who want to set up cost-effective, globally accessible, and feature-rich telephone solutions for their company. VoIP number is a virtual telephonic number that refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. It enables IP telephony data networks and allows users to receive and send voice messages over VoIP systems through the Internet service.

Since VoIP numbers include vast benefits such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and many more. These are on demand and replacing regular phone numbers defined as POTS (Plain Old Telephonic Service). This blog will give you an overview on what is VoIP phone numbers, their advantages, how they work, and more. Let’s dive into detail.

What is a VoIP Number?

A question that is widely asked on the internet is what is VoIP number? In simple words, a VoIP number refers virtual number that creates communication between the sender and the receiver through the data network that works with an Internet connection. A VoIP number can work on electronic devices, such as a phone, computer, tablet, or landline.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP numbers help in transmitting information over the internet. Let’s see how it works.

  • A VoIP user sends a voice signal through a phone or computer with VoIP software and converts it into digital data. This process is called encoding.
  • This encoding data is divided into small data packets and transmitted over the Internet with a Wi-Fi network or broadband connection and reaches the receiver through routers and multiple data networks.
  • Now, the receiver receives all the packets in the correct order. Through the decoding process, the receiver converts the packets into analog voice signals and collects the information.
  • The systems allow VoIP numbers to communicate with traditional phone numbers. However, VoIP users will have to take a subscription plan to avail of additional features like call forwarding, video calls, call conferencing, voice mail, and more.
  • VoIP systems ensure that users do not feel any discomfort in voice quality and delays in receiving messages. Thus, VoIP number providers work on them and ensure that you face minimum conflicts.
  • VoIP systems allow the sender to encode information and the recipient to decode the information concisely. Along with this, it offers a variety of features that help organizations handle their tasks effectively.

What is a Free VoIP Number?

A free VoIP number is a virtual number provided by a VoIP service. Now, probably you get confused about what is a VoIP number and how it differentiates from a free VoIP number. A VoIP number provides some features of VoIP numbers like sending and receiving messages and making calls. Since this is not a paid VoIP number, it has limitations. In a free VoIP number, you can only get a local number whereas a paid VoIP number gives access to toll-free numbers. Some of the popular BPO Services that provide free VoIP numbers are Google Voice, FreedomPop, TextNow, etc.

How to Get a VoIP Number?

If you want to get a VoIP number, then you have to proceed step by step. We have guided you below on how you can get a VoIP number.

  • 1.Choose a VoIP Service:Before choosing a VoIP service, you should check its features, reviews, pricing, and international calling rates. Now select the most suitable and comfortable one as per your needs.
  • 2.Sign Up:To sign up, create an account where you'll need to provide some basic information.
  • 3.Choose a plan:After logging in, you will see various plans for VoIP service. Review them and choose the one that best suits your needs. Some VoIP services also provide free VoIP numbers but offer limited features while a paid plan provides additional features.
  • 4.Choose a VoIP Service:You are given the option to choose the most preferred VoIP number as per your specific area code or suitable for international calls.
  • 5.Identification:Here you may need to provide some additional documents to verify your identity, especially in case of getting an existing number.
  • 6.Download and set up:In the next process, you are allowed to download the app on your phone or desktop.
  • 7.Configure Settings:After installing the app, you need to configure some settings like call forwarding and voice mail as per your needs.
  • 8.Ready to Use:When the entire process is completed you can use your VoIP number to make calls and messages.

The process is simple, but if you still face difficulties in getting a VoIP number, you can connect with our IT Services Solution experts. Worker Man is a well-known service provider and has helped many business organizations with its Digital Business Solutions.

Why Do Companies Get VoIP Numbers?

It is important to understand why companies get VoIP numbers. VoIP technology offers many benefits, whereas traditional telephone service is not efficient in achieving them. .

Advantages of VoIP Numbers

Companies choose VoIP numbers for the following reasons.

  • 1.Cost Savings:VoIP technology reduces expenses and is more cost-effective than traditional phone systems.
  • Scalability:VoIP systems are more flexible and allow companies to add and remove phone lines without physical intervention.
  • Global reach:With virtual numbers companies can communicate with customers and clients without setting up a physical office or branch in a specific location.
  • Mobility:WIt helps companies to make and receive calls from anywhere via the Internet. It is more convenient for remote work and workers traveling to different locations.
  • Extensive Features:VoIP systems offer a wide range of features where companies can enable call-forwarding, voice mail, and conferencing modes to enhance communication.


A VoIP number is important for a business organization as it includes many additional features and benefits. On the other hand, a traditional number does not have all the features and is more expensive than a VoIP number. However, there are some disadvantages and benefits of virtual numbers that you should check before getting them.

If you are reading this blog to get a VoIP number for your business organization, you can contact us through our Back Office Services portal. As a BPO service company, we provide a wide range of services to businesses and help them grow comprehensively.

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