6 Must Have Enterprise Software Solutions That You Need For Your Business

6 Must Have Enterprise Software Solutions That You Need For Your Business

In today’s world, every small-scale business is striving hard to make its place in the competitive market. While others are struggling to somehow survive in this cut-throat competition, a few smarter ones reap the harvest of technology and media attention.

But the question is, why do a majority of growing small scale businesses and startups fail to create an impression, when few others can?

An Evolved business process means having sophisticated technological solutions that can speed up your business operation at every step. These software solutions are like a bespoke system that work at an enterprise-level and thus called Enterprise Software Solutions.

They automate mundane tasks, eliminate human errors, increase operational efficiency and accuracy, ensure fast marketing and make informed business decisions. When so many features work simultaneously for your business to achieve a competitive advantage, it boosts your brand image and eventually generates higher revenues.

There are many enterprise software solutions that can change the landscape of your business but here we will discuss a chosen few that can do wonders in brand building. If you run a small business, be it Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Ecommerce or any other domain like Accounting and Human Resources and you aspire to grow it over time, these softwares will help your business take flight and meet your business goals in a short period of time.

CRM Software

CRM stands for customer relationship management. And the name itself suggests a software solution that helps companies maintain relationships with their customers. Needless to say that customers are the real treasure to any company, and a CRM software is a right fit for any business belonging to any industry.

A CRM software can be readily available in the market but the complete CRM service offered by WorkerMan comes with loads of functionalities to level-up your business in many different ways. You get a centralized storage for clients’ data that improves business marketing from planning to targeting prospects and then finally converting leads into customers.

Moreover, If you struggle to manage loads for marketing activities on a daily basis, CRM is the magic wand for you. It can automate your daily tasks such as sending email newsletters to thousands in one go, thus saving your time, effort and resources. CRM also manages marketing campaigns across social media platforms and with analytic tools like Google Trends, it tracks how each campaign is performing.

Not only that, measuring your business growth has also become incredibly easy with a CRM software, because it views and reports all the critical KPIs to determine whether the marketing ideas are fulfilling or need improvements. Whether it's advanced marketing strategies, increased sales, enhanced business security, optimized content or customer retention, a CRM software has every feature to make you happy and upgrade the quality of your business.

Statistics: The Small Business Trends Report by Salesforce says that 63% of the small and medium scale business companies have got faster customer service due to adoption of CRM service.
Content Management Software

With a content management system, optimizing and managing your website content is not a challenging task anymore. One can operate the content management software with absolutely no coding knowledge or skills. It is user-friendly and also gives you the ease of maintenance.

If you think that your business still hasn't been able to find the right audience despite being meticulous and strategic, one of the possibilities might be its content management. A SEO optimized content can attract its niche faster and can optimize the functionalities of your web presence. A content management system helps you in quick work deployment and also offers you with an extensive array of plug-ins for smoother workflow.

Managing your content for your business needs team building and collaboration, a CMS not only helps you in easy collaboration but also offers you the content strategy for the audience of a particular niche. It monitors your content and offers you timely suggestions for changes and improvements.

Statistics: Do you know? According to the Buyerzone B2B Lead Generation Report, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software.
Marketing Automation Software

Working on repetitive and mundane marketing activities everyday can be time and effort consuming for your business like sending emails to thousands of clients or posting social media content for better consumer engagement. However, your business marketing shifts on a fast-track when you choose a marketing automation software for your company. It takes care of all the communication actions and automates the everyday marketing activities, leveraging your time and resources.

A marketing software is extremely efficient in setting priority tasks and allocating time slots to each. It also includes pipeline management, following up, scheduling appointments and accomplishing other administrative duties faster. While the marketing activities are automated, you can concentrate on introducing new services to your customers. This can uplift your brand potential and reaps you additional revenue in business.

Although every little aspect contributes in making a brand a success, however, today's market heavily relies on better data for making decisions in business. Marketing automation software allows you to collect, understand and use statistics for forecasting consumer attitude or reaction. Based on big data, you can create marketing campaigns, send dedicated offers or discounts to clients, build products inspired by feedback or experience of potential customers and thus convert potential clients into loyal customers.

Statistics: Based on the Sprout Social Index™ 2022, 66% of consumers found short-form video to be the most engaging type of in-feed social content, up from 50% in 2020.
Human Resource Management Software

Enterprise inventory management software helps your business to keep track of your stock, including safety management, complying with legal and environmental regulations and so much more.

When the process of ordering, storing, using and managing the inventory of any business is automated by custom softwares, it reduces inaccuracies (such as duplicate data) and enhances productivity in operations. Data recording, tracking processes, inventory analytics and insightful reports enable businesses to understand what items are selling quickly and draw better conclusions.

An advanced stock handling methodology allows you to have systematic order management that increases the count of happy customers and keeps your clients returning for more. Streamlining your inventory eliminates unnecessary stock expenses and maintains a customer wishlist and buying history so that you can refill your stock and manage inventory accordingly.

Inventory Management Software

A human resource management employs workforce, develops their capacities, utilizes and maintains services. Much like other departments, the value propositions of human resources are also changing.

According to Sierra Cedar Research, almost 80% of the global organizations are using HR software to facilitate information gathering or adding process efficiencies.

A Human Resource Management Software manages services and information more efficiently, it is typically involved in functionalities like recruitment and on-boarding, policy setting and adherence, employee training, performance evolution, talent retention, analytics and data management and many more.

Not surprising that organizations spend a lot of time and money inputting people to work for them and the human resource management software makes processes so much easier, faster and rewarding. Along with managing the workforce it also analyzes metrics to act on data security, business cost management, compliance risk management and determining future workforce plans. It makes sure that the business focuses on improving the decision-making, thereby raising morale and aiding in talent retention.

Statistics: According to the 2021 Recruiter Nation Report conducted by Jobvite, 39% of respondents
Customer Support Software Solutions

Customer Support Software is all about improving customer satisfaction. You deploy such a software when you wish to transform the way your business communicates with your customers. It keeps track of all your customer emails and requests and raises tickets to take up their requests. With a unique customer support system all your customer issues, queries and suggestions are organized, categorized, scheduled and well managed.

Customer service software allows you to route a request to the right place or person, with speed and accuracy. In addition you can also configure your customer service software to allocate the requests to the team members who can solve them immediately. Thus it immensely serves the growth of your company and brings more satisfied customers into the picture.

Statistics: A report by Fortune Business Insights says, In 2022, the customer experience management market worldwide is worth as much as $11.34 billion.
The Final Words …

In today’s digital age, digital tech initiatives are no longer an option for companies. The enterprise software solution has been a top strategic priority as small and medium-scale businesses continue to broaden the horizons of their capabilities.

According to Statista, in 2022, companies spending on enterprise software is expected to cost around 675 billion US dollars.

As a matter of fact, if the companies do not adopt business solution software in their operations, they will fail to create a competitive advantage for themselves in the market.

With innovative insights and versatile features, these software work on key performance indicators, managing business operations seamlessly. Just like any other enterprise software solution provider that transforms your business, WorkerMan also streamlines your enterprise and upgrades your work experience, opening doors for better opportunities and faster growth.

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