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At our BPO service for Education Industry, we are committed to providing high-quality services that help Education companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Customized BPO Services to Streamline Your Operations

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Enrollment Services

We offer enrollment services that include application processing, enrollment verification, and student data management. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that the enrollment process is seamless, efficient, and accurate.


Admissions Services

Our admissions services include application processing, document management, and student screening. We use the latest technology to ensure that the admissions process is streamlined and optimized for success.


Student Support Services

We provide a range of student support services, including student help desk services, technical support, and tutoring services. Our team is available to provide assistance to students 24/7 to ensure that their academic journey is smooth and hassle-free.


Learning Management System

We provide support for learning management systems, including course creation, content management, and technical support. Our team of experts ensures that the learning management system is optimized for the best learning experience.


Data Management Services

We provide data management services that include data entry, data processing, and data analysis. Our team of experts ensures that the data is managed accurately and securely to help institutions make informed decisions.


Curriculum Design

We provide curriculum design and development services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of institutions. Our team of experts works closely with institutions to develop a curriculum that is relevant, effective, and engaging.

We Handle Your Education Business Marketing & Promotions (Not DIY)

Again, when it comes to digital marketing and promotions for your Education business, we don't tell you what to do or how to do it, instead, we have over 234+ marketing WorkerMan workers solely focused on marketing your Education business. We will help you set up new marketing & promotion methods and also help you manage your marketing strategy on an ongoing basis, while you focus on delivering outstanding service to your customers.


Website SEO

Our SEO team will work on your new website search engine optimization so your website will rank highly on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, so whenever anyone searches for Education or “”type of service etc””, your website will rank highly, generating new customers.

WhatsApp Status

 WhatsApp Status Updates

We will develop solid promotional content for your Education and assist you update your WhatsApp status on a daily basis for sales and marketing according to your requirements.


Your Brochure or Catalog

Our department of world-class professional designers will help you design your own digital Education brochure or catalog which you can share with prospective customers.


 Daily Social Media Posts

We will help you manage your social media accounts including the creation of original content 100% focused on your different Education and promotions. We will then help you post daily on your different social media platforms according to your requirements.

 Newsletter Setup

A frequent email or SMS newsletter is a great source of customer follow up and we will help you create monthly or weekly newsletter content to promote your Education while appealing to your target market.

Video & Graphic Design

Video Editing & Graphic Design

You don't need to waste your time editing or designing videos as we will take over the responsibility by producing professional promotional videos and graphic designs for your Education. We will help you post this original content on any social media platform of your choice.


Market Place Service Upload

For more sales and exposure, we will also help you upload your Education on online marketplaces so more customers can easily find you.


Ad Setup & Management

Our professional marketing department will also help you set up and manage your paid advert campaigns on Google Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads to spread your message to new customers.

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Browser Compatibility

Increase your client retention rate by showing your result and value.Inegrated anaytics and reporting show websites visits.

Simplify, Automate & Manage Your Business

With WorkerMan CRM

We Help Set Up and Manage Your Education Website (Not DIY) ( Your Local Source Products)

We don't just give you a website template and tell you to drag and drop, we will help you set up your e-commerce website from start to finish; we will design it, upload your Education products for you, and manage the website for continuous update, leaving you to focus 100% on delivering outstanding service to your customers.


Your Education Website

We will fully design your website and carry out the technical set up for you. We will never just give you templates and tell you to design and set up your website yourself. Here, you receive the full service with the design and setup completed for you.

Payment Gateway Integration

If you decide to offer a ‘buy now’ Education online, we will help you set up all your website’s local payment gateways, so customers can pay you quickly and easily.

Business Email

We can provide you with your own business email under your domain name for your different employees or departments (name@yourcompany.com).

Your Education Upload

We will help you upload all your Education like “”type of service etc”” to your website, and we will continuously upload your new services thanks to our data uploading department.

Free Domain, SSL & Hosting

We offer you free domain registration, a 100% SSL secured website and you don't even need to pay for website hosting, the website will be fully hosted for you.

Business Mobile App

We will also build your own company mobile app for Android and iOS devices so customers can easily access and request your Education.

Daily Reports and Updates From
CRM & Workstation

With the WorkerMan CRM access or our workstation app, you get continuous updates directly to your mobile phone and other devices on what and how we are managing your business backend. Everything will be 100% clear and transparent regarding what we are currently doing and what we plan to do next. This way, you can easily give your input and we can adjust our strategy accordingly. Our goal is to make sure you're satisfied, leaving you free to focus on delivering an outstanding service to your customers.

Website Management

You can manage your website from this dashboard where you will have the flexibility to oversee different design templates, update business info, banners, blog posts, testimonials, and much more.

Staff/User Management

You can easily create different departments and users for your employees to log in and manage the website backend. Here you will have full flexibility to specify departments with the access permission you wish.

Service Management

You can manage services or listings with all sorts of features, prices, taxes, and discounts.

Lead/Enquiry Management

You can add or import leads from any channel to be easily followed-up and converted into sales.

Quotes/Orders/Sales Management

Here you can create quotes and share them with your customers. They can approve and make payments by sharing quotation links. You will get instant notifications for orders placed and can manage them easily from the dashboard.

Marketing System

Here you can manage newsletters, special promotions, Paid Ads campaigns, and other marketing systems for easy promotion and lead generation.

Support Ticket

This is a dedicated system for you to raise support tickets for any concern, query, or help regarding the website’s structure. Our technical team will always be available to help you.

 SEO Management

From the CRM, you will be able to monitor all your SEO keyword rankings, assess improvements, and be able to edit or add new keywords.

Social Media Management

You will have a section to preview all the social media posts and content (graphic design, videos, messages) we create for your business via the CRM. Furthermore, you can edit and control how and when we post.

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